Sunday, June 19, 2016

father's day picnic at the marina

It was a beautiful day to celebrate our Dads.

After church 
and a nice restful afternoon,
we took off to the marina at the Landings 
for a picnic.
I threw together some sandwiches, 
Nacho Cheese Doritoes,
and a couple of drinks for the road.
There was a cool breeze,
brilliant sunshine,
a lazy river,
and lots of laughter.

Jake took this picture of his Grammy and Granddaddy.

This is my favorite boat at the marina.
Me and the boys dreamed about what we would do if it were ours.
The kitchen is on the back.
I can just see me out there cooking
 while we are sailing around the waterways.

One last brother shot on the dock before we headed to
the Dairy Queen
Krispy Kream.

*The best days are summer days for sure.
It's why I love summer so much!

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