Wednesday, June 29, 2016

one nation under God

Drawing to the end of my life,
but thinking about our children and our grandchildren this evening.
Wondering where this country,
this beautiful,
 blessed of the Lord country,
is headed.

What happened to 
What happened to doing
"What's best for our country,"
"our people?"
And most importantly,
what happened to
 "One Nation Under God?"

I began reading the book of I Kings in my Bible this morning.
I love God's word.
I believe that every word of it is true,
that there is no substitute
for the wisdom and knowledge it contains.
I believe that God is pleased when we read and study His words to us.

I found the following in the "beginning notes" for the book of I Kings....
It explains a lot.

 "Human governments are faulty even at their best,
but this is especially true 
when God is not included in the scheme of things."

"God's rule continues despite the foibles of man.
The will and purpose of God will indeed prevail.
God is always in control."

Hebrew ~ Greek Study Bible
Spiros Zodhiates

Whatever happens with our country,
however much man tries to remove God from every fiber of our being,
exalts the creature over the Creator,
places himself in the place of God,
All of these things will not thwart the plans and purposes of God Almighty.
God will prevail!
Of that we can be absolutely certain!

Praise to God who created all things,
 who sustains life,
who reached down and offered salvation to ALL
who would believe in the work of
His Son Jesus Christ.

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