Sunday, June 12, 2016

together again after 50 years

Savannah High School Reunion
June 11, 2026

Last night was enormous.
We had so much fun.

The Westin hotel,
the Savannah River,
the food,
 the fellowship,
 the band.
So, so exciting and fun.
I am to the right toward the back

A moment of "Cathy frustration" 
when I couldn't get my camera to work.


Lou, Cathy, Frances,
friends forever.
*"I went by Loucinda in high school,
but I'm Lou now."

Golly, I have a mile wide smile!!!

Bubba was our escort.
He took good care of us.
*Notice the blue jackets on the paper globes.
These lit our tables and were placed around the ballroom.
*Favorite song they played last night...
Tears on My Pillow
by Little Anthony

Saw this view as we were leaving.
Love the moon in the sky,
the blooms on the crepe myrtles,
the river,
and the lights of River Street.
It was a magical night.
A good time was had by all.

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