Saturday, June 11, 2016

reunion ~ first night

Reunions are always better with friends...
that's Frances Dantzler.
She never changes.
Loved our mini reunion last evening.

Westin ~
on the banks of the Savannah River.

expansion of my thoughts from yesterday's blog:

I have now "come of age."
I have a lot of years in my pocket.

I am a whole lot smarter...
got my wisdom from God's word.

I became a queen...
not "Homecoming Queen,"
but queen of a home and a large family.
I am taking my "court" on a cruise.

I am still on the quiet, observant side....
would really rather listen than talk.

My "groupies" are still my church friends
and now Amanda & Erika.

I have been married 
to one of the boys I dated after high school 
for 46 years.

As far as I recall,
my life only started the summer after I graduated
from high school.

A picture of the boy I dated after high school
and am still dating.
Rock solid,
The boy who I swooned over that summer
drove a yellow Mustang.
He got away...
this was the one God chose for me!
It has worked out beautifully.

River Street from the Westin.....
over on the other side of the Savannah River.
Our gathering was outside.
there was a beautiful sunset.
Savannah was shimmering in the glow.

Lots of faces from way in the past.
I knew some of them, but greatly have we changed.
Lots of small talk..
Hugs and greetings.
Some from as far back as first grade.
We have lived our lives.
We are all fast approaching the age
God ascribed as a long life...70 years.

Where will we go from here?
Eternity is for everyone
if only you will believe in Jesus Christ God's Son.
Read the book of John in the Bible
if you want to know more.

Going back tonight.
Lou will be with us.
Not nearly as nervous as yesterday,
They are all just people
going through this life on this earth,
just like me.

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