Friday, June 10, 2016

really....50 years?

I wasn't very impressed with high school.
It wasn't my "coming of age."
I wasn't Homecoming Queen, not even near the "court."
I did not go on the senior cruise.
I was on the quiet side,
not very smart.
Looks like I had my hair "set" for my senior picture above.
My "groupies" were my church friends....
my dates were in bunches.
I just wanted to get through...
get out,
get on with my life.

I don't even remember much about graduation.
I know I did graduate in the allowed time frame.
There were over 700 of us.
We walked at Grayson Stadium,
I was handed my diploma,
went out with friends afterwards.

All that to say,
I'm going to my 50th high school reunion this weekend.
Because my friend Lou Grambling said to me,
Wouldn't it be fun to go see how everybody turned out?
I am still not that convinced that I want to go....
Bubba is escorting us.
Lou, Frances Dantzler, and I.
They were both super smart.
Lou is a PHD nurse, yes the real thing,
and Frances a CPA.
It will be fun everybody tells me.

My hair is in curlers,
I have a new shirt....
Aegean blue my sister calls it
because our school colors were blue and white.
a new pedicure....
there is glitter in my nail polish.
My fingers sparkle.

I googled "How to talk to people you don't know"
because nothing scares me more
than being in a room with
hundreds of people
I don't know,
except maybe lizards.

But I figure,
when they see my glittery fingers and toes,
they will want to talk to me
and try to understand
a person my age would wear sparkly nail polish.

We'll see,
50 years later.

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