Wednesday, June 22, 2016

the boys of summer

Right now Jake & Eli are in my jacuzzi.
There are tons of bubbles
and they are laughing
their heads off.

Early this morning,
after picking up their cousin Harry,
Granddaddy took them on a gator hunt on Skidaway Island.
They borrowed Uncle Frankie's golf cart and spent
most of the day cruising around the island.
Seems as if they really had a ball.
They spotted two gators
in a pond, but stayed a safe distance.

This afternoon we dined at Wiley's Famous Bar B Que.

After wolfing down dinner,
we headed for the pool.

I think they had fun.

Jake goes air born on his first jump.

Eli has no fear.

Harry shows off his swimming style.

By the way Amanda,
they are very worried 
about what you will think and do 
when you find out 
that they stayed up until 10:00 
on Tuesday night watching a movie.
Granddaddy has promised to be their advocate.

The boys of summer.
Fun has no limits...
as long as Gram and Granddaddy hold out.

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