Monday, June 20, 2016

amanda's happy birthday post....

At David & Erika's house
last Friday night,
after the big storm blew their umbrella on its side,
we celebrated together.

To you, today, as you turn 40,
on a big boat down in Nassau,
I cannot thank you enough.

That God chose you to be my daughter is my great delight!
From eternity past He knew we would walk through this life together,
and He chose you for me.

You fill this mother's heart with so much joy.
I am well aware of the blessing you are!

The tables are beginning to turn just a bit.
For years I took care of you,
just like you take care of Jake and Eli now.
Now, I notice how you are starting to watch after me a little more closely.
Yes, at 68
I am still going strong...
An example....your recent move into your new house experience,
but I also notice your care and watchfulness for me.
I am so thankful for your heart of kindness,
your encouragement,
your understanding, 
your love~

As we celebrate your 40th birthday,
I thank God for you!!
We all could not have been more blessed
by getting to spend our lifetime with you!

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