Saturday, October 14, 2017

happy birthday gus!!

Today we celebrated Gus' seventh birthday.
What a handsome, smart, funny little guy he is.
He is in first grade.
Gus is everybody's friend.
The candles kind of add to it, but I think that he just glows.

Gus decided on a Ninjago birthday party.
He and I met in a secret council
and decided just the way he wanted it to be.

He chose this special shirt to wear on his big day.
Gifts abounded....
Legos and a box to keep them in,
brand new clothes,
a book,
a Ninjago flashlight.
So much fun opening them all.

Thank you God for these children.
So much fun to watch them grow, and learn, and become who You chose them to be.
Gathered from all over the world to be a family.
What amazing joy they bring.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

winding creeks.....

....and a favorite place.

This is Tybee Island as seen from above.
Lots of winding creeks and the great big Atlantic Ocean.
Mostly marsh and water and some well placed human dwellings.
That open space to the left is
The Crab Shack...
a favorite for Lucy and I.
So thankful to own a tiny piece of this paradise!

Not yet....
Cool, Fall weather.
Still very hot and extremely muggy.
My thought is....
all of the hurricanes have stirred up the atmosphere.
Can't wait to have to throw a little sweater around my shoulders to keep warm.

I am decorating my house for Fall
even though it is still summer.
Lots of the color orange,
Halloween scenes,
pine cones,

Photo: Riverrat_productions via instagram

Friday, October 6, 2017

from my post last night.....

I couldn't resist sharing this.
Eli Hollingsworth!!

By the way,
did you see the moon last night?
God hung it there you know!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

my favorite lighthouse

Tybee Lighthouse....
(photo by tim tully11 via instagram)

Like I said in an earlier post,
I am always on the lookout for beauty.
Nothing is more beautiful than the heavens above us.
All we need to do is look up to be reminded...
There is Someone much bigger than we are, 
Someone who created the universe, 
the great light of the sun 
and the lesser light of the moon, and the millions of stars....
 each of which He knows by name.

I praise Him today for the order of things.
Even though the "world system" is in constant chaos.
His order never changes.
The sun comes up and goes down every day.
We have day and night without fail.
The seasons change.
Springtime brings new life to the grass and the trees,
In Fall the leaves die and the grass turns brown.
We live and we die.
"There is nothing new under the sun."

We serve the One who never changes.
God is eternal. 
His ways are perfect.
We can trust Him.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


What happened Sunday night in Las Vegas took my breath away.
I so much wanted it not to be true.
How does one understand such horror.
For a believer,
for a mind "set on things above,"
honestly, such terror is almost incomprehensible.

But yet,
as a student of God's word,
I know, beyond a shadow of doubt,
that evil exists in this world.
From the book of Genesis all the way through the book of Revelation
we are told of the existence of one called Satan
who is the adversary of every soul that spends time on this earth.
He is the evil one, 
the very essence of all wickedness and deceit.

For believers,
our hope is in Christ Jesus.
Jesus came to die,
 to defeat Satan, 
to put us back into a right relationship with God.
We pray daily for strength and power to not be led into the temptations of such a one as he.
God has given us everything we need to overcome our great foe.
Jesus won the battle for our souls.
That is why we worship Him.

The shooter....
No one knows of his final moments.
Did he "come to his senses" as did the prodigal son in Luke 17.
Did he recognize his sin and its terrible consequences?
Did he ask the Lord for forgiveness?
Did he accept Jesus' gracious provision?
We don't know.

The WHY is Satan.
The answer is Jesus!

Sunday, October 1, 2017


This morning, when I stepped outside on the porch,
there was a noticeable difference.
There was a cool breeze,
a break in the hot, humid air that has prevailed for so long.
I could breathe!!!
I said out loud,
"Thank you Lord, Thank You!!"

The end of summer always makes me sad.
It's the light, you know.
I miss the light, the long hours of daylight.
But I never miss the humidity.

So we start a new season!!
It is good.
Fresh starts!
I love the touches of orange....
the smell of smoke wafting along in the air.

Speaking of smoke,
I am finally getting my fire pit.
Hope to have it in by Gus's birthday.
The man who came to install our new gas tank last week,
saw this pile of granite and,
come to find out,
he does that kind of work,
so, there you go.

One of Bubba's friends gave all of these to us.
The pit will have to be square,
but that is alright.
I just can't wait to sit around this fire in the evenings
and laugh and roast things with my peeps.
Such a blessing!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

my family....

.....all 12 of them,
Having a hurricane Irma party at the Mexican restaurant.

Love those chips and salsa.
Nobody else in the place but us.
Everybody else was evacuating.

How can one woman be so blessed as me?
Every one of them is a gift from God.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

i always find beauty....

....down at the beach.

First day of Fall.
Tybee Island ~ Tybee Beach.
Sun going down.
Lights everything up with a glow.
Chasing daylight with my Lu.
Night comes quickly now.
Indian Summer.
Pool time.

Lu is...
Princess of the pool.
Not many others in the water.
Getting to cold for me to go in.
Cold water doesn't bother Lu.
cannon balls,
Grammy look at this,
Grammy throw these goggles in so that I can go to the bottom of the pool and find them.
Grammy do we have to go now?
Thank you Gram, that was so much fun.

One more glimpse of beauty just before we left.
Once that big red sun hit the horizon,
it was gone like a flash.
Don't go summer!!
I love the light!

Friday, September 22, 2017

speaking of trees and fall and such

I am constantly on the lookout for beautiful things....
things that God made and placed here for our pleasure.
As I pulled up for yet another appointment yesterday,
I was confronted with this tree.
The bark drew my eye,
I said, "That is so beautiful!"

So I hear that today is the first day of Fall.
I have to accept that by faith
because it sure doesn't feel like fall.
Still very hot and humid!

Speaking of trees.....
This is the tree that Irma blew over.
Last weekend my grands "huffed and puffed" and stood it back up.
It has since toppled back over.
I appreciate their effort never hurts to try!

....even though it is "hot as blue blazes."

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

it's not funny but it is

Just study this picture all of you introverts out there.
The only thing different for me would be the TV.
I wouldn't need that at all.
I would turn that room into my office
with a desk for my computer
 so that I could write my little heart out.
I particularly love the glass dome for star gazing.
Now wouldn't that be a dream!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

things left behind

We finally got to the beach at the end of last week.
We saw this boat alongside Highway 80 
as we approached Tybee Island.
There was a red boat on further down the road
 being raised by a crane.
Also, we saw a part of someone's dock just lying there.
"Not good," we said, 
remembering the harrowing times after 
Hurricane Matthew last October.

Continuing on, 
we made the descent onto the island from the bridge over the Lazaretto.
Not knowing what to expect, but hopeful, 
we turned into the condo.
No damage...none!
So very, very thankful!!

We stayed awhile...enjoying the deck,
listening to the waves,
reading the sweet comments in the guest book. 

Feeling a rest coming on, I layed down on the foot of the bed.
"Bubba, would you turn on the overhead fan for me?"
As soon as "the juice hit the fan" it exploded and sent out sparks of fire.
Still don't know why that happened,
but sure glad it  happened to us instead of our guests.
We had it checked out and replaced the fan.
I guess you could say that was our only damage from Hurricane Irma
who visited Savannah one week ago today.

The sand dunes along the beach  are virtually destroyed...
the high tides and winds of both hurricanes
have greatly eroded them.

The dunes at our condo are gone.
I know we were granted funds for another renourishment program,
but we might as well wait until this season of storms is over.

Everyone is keeping a watchful eye on Maria.
One just never knows what these storms will do.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

happy birthday harry b

Yesterday Harry turned 10...double digits.
He chose...
Broccoli-Chicken Casserole,
Granddaddy's famous rice,
Corn On The cob,
and my famous Coca Cola Cake
for his birthday meal celebration.
This boy and all of us love the meal he chose.

These are the games we played.

This is a colored pencil sketch of the kids playing the games.
The money is in the glass dome.
The amount was $4.76.
Harry came the closest with a guess of $5.30.
David wanted to know when the big pot of money for the adult guessing game was coming out.

Here is the Birthday Cake.
The theme of the party was Ninjado,
 hence the paper dragon decorations.

Harry is in the fourth grade.
He is very interested in
frogs and lizards,
 building anything,
Star Wars,
my Snow Village houses and assessories,
and so much more.

This birthday he asked for a new pillow
like the ones I have here on all of the beds.
He ended up getting a whole new set up for his bed.
From feather bed mattress cover,
 to soft duvet,
 to a duvet cover and two shams,
he is set to have the most comfortable bed 
of any ten year old I know.

Happy Birthday Harry.
Grammy and Granddaddy love you to the moon and back.
I'm so glad God brought you to us!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

same swing....

.....during Irma,

......and before.

Not many words needed!
The ocean.
Nature's fury.

God controls the waves!!!

Photo of the swing during the storm...
Malcom Tully.

Photo of the swing...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

we survived hurricane irma

She started blowing before we got up.....
early yesterday morning.
She came before dawn and stayed most all of the day.
I had hoped this storm would be during daylight hours and she didn't disappoint.
She was nothing like Matthew though.

Someone yelled out in the mid-morning...
"TREE Down!!"
We all rushed to the back window.
Sure enough, as Amanda called it, our Easter tree had leaned over.
This was the tree that several people had searched for the golden egg back at our Easter Egg Hunt.
This was the high point and the extent of our damage.
Needless to say, we were blessed.

We still don't know about the condo at Tybee.
There was a lot of flooding.
Butler Avenue was covered at one point.
We haven't been able to get on the island yet.

Norman, the Hollingsworth's cat, was a little unsettled by his first storm.
He kept walking around the house looking out of the windows.
He, as well as the humans, weathered it well though.
After a low country shrimp boil,
Mark and Amanda, with Jake, Eli, and Norman in tow,
departed for a late night trip back to their home in Florida.
I thought it was a risky move,
but they made it back with only one scare....
No place open to get gas.
Amazingly, an oasis in the night appeared, with power and gasoline,
and they cruised into their driveway before midnight.

All praise and thanksgiving goes to our great God
for His provision and protection during the storm named Irma.
Thank you for Your constant care!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

still waiting for irma....

Amanda and Mark left their home in Florida on Wednesday night at 8:30 pm.
They arrived on our doorstep at 5:00 am the next morning.
We have been waiting for Hurricane Irma ever since.
As of a couple of hours ago she finally made landfall in the Keys.
We are hopeful that their home will still be intact 
when she has spent her fury and moved on.

As for our time here...
Well, we have had plenty of fun being all together.
Yesterday morning,
Amanda and I took the boys down to River Street which was deserted.
Yesterday afternoon,
we had barbeque and ball games.
This morning I made fresh from scratch blueberrry muffins.

The boys have been making movies....

We play Uno, of course!

 Amanda and I are doing all of the things we want to do
 before the power goes out,
 if it does.
My big tub is full of water,
We have plenty of food to last until Tuesday,
Bubba and Mark have moved my beautiful geraniums inside,
The condo is as secure as it can get.

This is all eerily similar to Hurricane Matthew
which ravaged us last year in October.

God controls the storms.
Our stuff is not that important.
Our lives are all that really matter.
Our souls are safe in Christ.
We are safe in Him!!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

irma evacuation

Amanda put this picture on her facebook page yesterday.
The star represents the Hollingsworth home.
Needless to say, they are evacuating to Georgia..
Basically, they don't have much choice.
Irma is a monster storm
and it is bearing down on that star.

Bubba is out trying to find gas for my car.
For now we will be the evacuation site.
It may be as this progresses 
that we too will have to seek shelter elsewhere.

Here is a picture of Mark putting up their storm shutters
This is quite a hard job!
The whole house becomes very dark.

Still watching and waiting 
as Irma slowly moves up to the United States.
Can only imagine the damage and suffering on those tiny islands in the Caribbean.
God have mercy!!

Monday, September 4, 2017

happy labor day!

Just across the river is the beautiful Harbor Town, on Hilton Head Island.
I love this "shot from above"
 on the Sea Pines Resort facebook page this morning.
We can see Hilton Head from the balcony of our condo on Tybee Island.

 Here in Savannah and down in South Florida
all of our eyes are on Hurricane Irma.
Trying to make plans...
who should go where?
There is no certainty, only speculation.
After Matthew last October
and watching the horrors of Harvey in Texas just last week,
tensions are running high.
Bubba prayed at dinner just now
 that God would steer that big mighty hurricane
 out into the open Atlantic Ocean.
He can do that you know!!

"And they came to Jesus and awoke Him, saying,
"Master, Master,
We are perishing!"
Then He arose and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water.
And they ceased and there was a calm."
Luke 8:24

Well, we'll know in a couple of days where Irma is going.
In the meantime we will watch and wait to see what happens.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

God's gorgeous light

It rained!
The sky got dark as night.
The lightning flashed.
The thunder roared.
And then, 
quick as a wink, 
God sent that gorgeous golden light 
that only comes after the rain.
I am overwhelmed with the beauty of God's world.
I always get excited by His storms!

Not much to say tonight....
just sharing 
my geraniums in the blue pot,
and some praise for
 the One who makes all things perfect in His time!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

teddy bear standing guard

I love this picture.
What little child has not at some time believed
 that their favorite stuffed animal 
keeps them safe when the lights go out.
We have made many trips to retrieve
 our grandkid's forgotten source of comfort in the night.

We live in a world that is scary.
Storms, violence, sickness, and death.....
people, situations, accidents, abuse.
All of these things and more can cause anxiety 
to run amuck in our minds,
seeming insurmountable as in the picture above.
Our fears can seem like beasts hovering over us ready to devour.

But God tells us not to be afraid.

"I will never leave you or forsake you."
Hebrews 13:5b

"The Lord is my helper; I will not fear.
What can man do to me?"
Hebrew 13:6

As I continue to struggle with anxiety and depression issues,
I am constantly drawn to God's precious word.
God is the One who protects us!
God is the One who cares for us and who knows how many hairs are on our head.
God is the One who goes before us and makes our paths straight.
In His word are treasures forever.

These are the truths that I pray will replace the teddy bears when the grandchildren get older.
That they will have a firm foundation of scripture to take to bed with them at night 
when the teddy bears are put in the attic. 
That they will know the One who slays the dragons of fear, 
that they will put their trust in Him and Him alone.

One more...
"Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,
for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9

Saturday, August 26, 2017

"tanked" part 2

To understand this post, you need to read yesterday's post first.

So, to recap.
 I'm home alone.
The propane gas man
 has come to my backdoor
 to inform me
 that we have a huge problem.

I follow him outside 
to what has become a huge hole in the ground where the gas tank resides.
 It is filled with water and is bubbling like a fast boiling pot of water.
All around is the sickening, sweetish, putrid smell of gas.
I quickly feel nausea and a burning in my nose.
Seemingly the tank has sprung a leak....

He tells me to turn off the air-conditioners 
and all other electricity that could come on and spark a fire.
He asks me if any of my neighbors smoke.
He tells me to block the driveway with my van.
He tells me that he is going to call the fire department.
By this time my head is spinning.
I set to work following his commands.

When I do all of his bidding,
 I call Bubba to tell him that he needs to get home quickly.
While I am talking , 
the fire engine comes with sirens blazing.
The situation in the yard is quickly brought under control
as the tank empties itself of all of the gas that was pumped in and fizzles out.

the firefighters in full gear,
gas masks,
fireproof outfits,
gas tanks,
steel helmets etc,
come in with a meter to check for gas in the house.

Finally. all is deemed "safe."
The firemen leave quietly.
The gas man says he will stay until Bubba gets home to forge a "plan."
He thinks the tank may have been struck by lightning.

But where is Bubba?
He has had plenty of time to get home.
Surely he would be hurrying,
anxious to relieve his "damsel in distress."
Finally he appears.

What took you so long? I asked.
I was hungry so I stopped by Publix and got me some chicken wings for lunch.
I ate them on the way home.
I threw the bones out the window each time I finished one.

Excuse me!!!!
Our house is getting ready to blow up and you stop to get yourself some chicken wings?
I was stunned!


Friday, August 25, 2017

"tanked" part one

So, yesterday morning I went to get a pedicure.
A pedicure is a very relaxing experience,
a time to lay back and let someone pamper you.
It was everything I had hoped for and more.
Except for walking out in paper flip flops and forgetting my real shoes,
it was a most wonderful experience.

Backing up a little...
On Wednesday evening,
while preparing to make some sweet tea for our dinner,
(Bubba's famous shrimp scampi)
He discovered that the large, black, underground tank
 that holds the propane gas that fuels our cooking stove was empty.
No worries!
"I'll call the gas company,
they'll be out tomorrow morning."
And off we went to Spanky's to get some chicken fingers.

So back to yesterday, 
when I returned home from my pedicure, 
a very large propane gas truck was in our driveway. 
I was glad to see their promptness in getting us gassed up again.
It's never good to be without your stove!
The jolly man apologized for blocking my entry.
"No worries," I shouted over the din of noise of the huge hose.
I entered the house and decided I needed a quick Cheez It snack.

Almost immediately the jolly man was banging on my backdoor.
"Maam" he said,
"We have a huge, huge problem."

Bubba had gone into town.
I was home alone.
My relaxing morning turned quickly into panic.

"tanked" part 2 coming tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

in the good ole days.....

....when our kids were growing up,
we would load up the van and head for parts unknown.
Amanda was ten and David was getting ready to be a teenager.
We spent a lot of time during summer vacations in Colorado.
There wasn't much we didn't see or do.
Here we are on the top of Pikes Peak.
The air at 14,000 feet was very thin causing us to have trouble breathing,
plus, it was freezing up there.
my Calvary High School sweatshirt,
(I was a teacher then)
my frizzy topnotch of hair,
pedal pushers,
the way we are sprawled out on the bench.

Bubba drove us up the mountain.
It was a crazy, hairpin curved, sharp drop offs adventure
but we made it to the top.
When we disembarked from the van,
we were very disoriented from the ride up and the absence of air to breathe.

Our trips were true adventures!!
We were young and fearless.
We had the best of times.

I love now when our children talk of taking roadtrips with their kids.
We definitely gave them wanderlust.
What better way to grow up than in a van with your family having the times of your life.


Monday, August 21, 2017

when you look up into the sky

As so often happens when I open God's word,
in His providence I read something that applies directly to my life.
I know this is not by chance because
 God's word is God speaking to His people.
Yes, He communicates with us through His written word.
This morning He wanted to thrill my soul!!

This day, 
August 21, 2017,
everyone will be looking up, 
gazing at an uncommon occurrence,
a total eclipse of the sun.

The bible tells us that.......

"The heavens are telling of the glory of God;
And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands."
Psalm 19:1

as you look up into the sky this afternoon
you will be gazing upon our Creator's work,
the majesty of which we cannot even comprehend with our finite minds.
May it cause you to worship and praise His name.
To stand there in wonder and awe.

Back to my first paragraph....
This is the passage I read this morning,
hence the star picture...

"Lift up your eyes on high
And see who created these stars,
The One who leads forth their host by number.
He calls them all by name.
Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power
 not one of them is missing."
Isaiah 40:26

That verse blew me away.
It sent me right here to my computer to write this post,
to give Him glory for ALL He has done!

picture credit...