Tuesday, June 21, 2016

grammy, how old are you?

It was this morning.
The boys get up at 6:26 am no matter what..
Its a Stitch 626 thing.
We were having breakfast together...
talking about Disney stuff.

During that time Jake paid me the ultimate compliment.
It went like this....
Eli said,
"Grammy, how old are you?"
I quickly replied,
Jake then popped in and said these sweet words,
"But Grammy, you are still young."
In other words,
that number seems old, but you still seem young.

These children....
I can't get enough of them.
All it takes in their eyes and minds is a 
baseball game,
a bike ride,
a pinata,
a wonderful story filled with magic
that makes them laugh with glee,
and they think you are just like them....
young at heart.
Literally, my best compliment ever.

I took them to see "Finding Dory" this afternoon,
then we went to get hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes at Johnny Rockets.
A stop by the candy store finished off our outing for today.

I thank God for the blessing of
good health.
I thank Him for giving me a love for children
and children to love,
Best part is,
always, at every opportunity,
praying for them 
and showing them how all of life
relates to Him.
If they learn to Trust in God,
depend on Him,
live for Him,
and give all the glory to Him,
their lives will reflect His glory
 and will be full and rich on spiritual things..

Fun Life...
I love it!

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