Saturday, July 2, 2016

last night ~ merriment

Make a broccoli ~ chicken casserole,
make a pie,
invite a crowd,
and this is what happens....

David & Erika
start holding hands.

Amanda & Mark start acting goofy.

All six of the kids are running around outside the house.
Every once in a while,
we see one or two of them pass by the window
and we know they are having a ball.

we are sitting around the table,
cracking up as you can see in the above and below pictures.
Mark seems a bit skeptical.

We were discussing David's trip to Nicaragua,
and the Hollingsworth's hilarious adventure
with the bears in Gatlinburg, Tennessee,
among other things.....
Nothing like being around the table with your family!

Next we moved into the sitting room.
I revealed the cruise details
and everyone was thrilled.
We had lots of fun talking about that~

David needed lots of rest recovering from his trip,
so we let him lay down during the conversation.
He loves my big, white chair and 1/2.
He gets it when I'm gone!!!

Right before bed,
Jake ate two fresh Krispy Kream donuts
and then he and Eli
snuggled in the chair after their baths.

The Hollinsworths left to go back to South Florida this morning,
and the house is quiet again.
Looking forward to celebrating the Fourth
at the Landings with the O'Quinns.

Meanwhile ~ rest!
Busy, busy, busy summer so far.
I need time to get going on Ebay again.
Need to pay for the cruise!!!

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