Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the glowing pictures

Jupiter Inlet, Jupiter, Florida
Pictures from our family vacation.....

Sometimes, not very often,
but occassionally,
you catch the sunlight just at the right time.
The light produces a glowing effect
on those it chooses.
Here are some examples...

Our Harry B,
engaging in a rare but beautiful
smile for a picture.
Aren't his eyes just so dreamy?

This group is really glowing.!

David and Erika glowing.
Love these two so much!

Eli and Jake lit up by the sun.
Thes two boys make my heart sing!

Uncle Mark and Gus.
Mark is strong and Gus is riding high.

You all see what I mean about the glow?
Its only for just a sprinkling of minutes.
You have to hurry,
but the light is 

God does wonderful things.
The beauty of His creation always
takes my breath away.
Thank you God for the beauty of Your Holiness.
You alone are God.
There is no other.
Thank you for the love of my family
and time spent with them.
To You I direct All of my worship this evening.

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