Saturday, July 16, 2016

this cracked me up

For Lou....

Thirteen years old we were.
Must have been my birthday.
We're on 35th Street.
Not a care in the world

Top row left to right...
Geri Woods. 
Nancy Fountain, 
JoAnn Deloach,
Suzanne Moore,
Nancy Witherington. (I saw her at the reunion.)

Bottom Row left to right....
Debbie Sevier,

Out in Front,
My Brother Frankie
stealing the show.

What a precious, crazy picture.
Who knows what Suzanne is doing to your head.
I had gotten a perm :(
Geri is giving Debbie bunny ears,
and Debbie seems to be praying.

But how cute is Frankie...
he is posing with all of us girls,
looking so cute
and thoroughly enjoying his role as baby brother.

My the time has flown!
Love old pictures.

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