Monday, July 11, 2016


Yes, it is hot!
No doubt about that!
But it is that wonderful time of the year when....
you can jump in the pool,
relish in an occasional cool breeze,
wear next to nothing,
get fresh veggies and fruit beside the road,
boil peanuts and eat watermelon,
go on vacation with your family because the grandkids are out of school,
feel like you really deserve an afternoon nap,
drink sweet tea and lemonade for the pure joy of it,
be really thankful for overhead fans
and air conditioning.

I lose all interest in my yard because of the heat,
but I sit and dream about a really
amazing afternoon thunderstorm to "cool things off a bit."
I go on the back porch to watch
the clouds roll in,
the thunder and lightning snap and crackle,
the rain falling in sheets of water
to the dry, parched earth,
which drinks it up
like a cat lapping up its milk.

there is beginning to be talk of school starting again.
Time to buy uniforms and backpacks,
paper and pencils.
but we can't speak of that yet!!
There is still plenty of summer left for us to enjoy.

By the way,
the crepe myrtles have outdone themselves this year.
They make me happy!

I thank you God for the season of summer,
the long days,
the beautiful flowers,
the green, green carpets of grass.
You make everything beautiful.

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