Wednesday, July 6, 2016

my tattoo and the golf cart story....

I chose this picture so that everyone could see my American flag tattoo.
See it there on my right arm?
So proud!!!!

The Untold Story of the Golf Cart

The fireworks were over.
David and his family left in their car.
We found our golf cart among the sea of other golf carts.
It felt good to sit down. 
 I was looking forward to the ride back to Frankie and Sally's house 
where our car was parked.
Time to relax after the excitement of the fireworks.

We inched carefully into the line of carts
making their way home.
This procession is somewhat slow,
but very orderly.
Everyone gives a little 
and things move along at a nice pace.

we took a wrong turn, 
got momentarily lost, 
saw where we needed to be,
turned the cart around,
and then.....nothing.
Dead as a door nail.
the cart would not budge.
Luckily we were at a guard gate.
"We can stay here,
call for assistance,
be safe,"
I said to myself.

Where we needed to be was right in front of us.
The cart path to our destination
was over a bridge with a rather steep incline.

Rather than be safe and wait for help,
Bubba decided to forge ahead.
He worked up a rather weak bit of power,
pulled out in front of another cart headed up the hill,
and then,
The cart went dead again.

Now we are stopped on the narrow path,
blocking the way of the hundreds of carts behind us.
So Bubba does what any other 72 year old man with heart problems would do...
he jumps out and starts pushing the cart up the rather steep hill
with me in the passenger seat.

I am freaking out.
He is yelling at me to drive the cart.
I am not understanding what he wants me to do.
He finally says,
"Get in the driver's seat and drive us to the house."
Now I am speechless, still freaking, and at this point really angry.

As He always does,
God sent an angel to help us.
A man from the cart behind us jumped out and helped him push.
I have no idea what he looked like.
I never looked back because I knew
when we got to the top,
with no way to control the cart,
we would go careening down the hill at the speed of light.
I keep yelling at the top of my voice....
"Thank you, thank you so much."

At some point in the drop,
Bubba jumped on the back of the cart.
He was right behind me yelling instructions in my ear.
We couldn't stop because the cart would lose power again.

In the pitch dark, 
with stray fireworks going off all around me,
with lightning in the sky,
with cars and carts passing on my left,
I pulled into the driveway and stopped the cart.
Still shaking,
I got in our van to recover.

I didn't say a word on the drive home.
Came in the house, went to bed.
It took me a long time to fall asleep,
but I finally did.

Yesterday afternoon I finally said to Bubba very calmly,
"We need to talk about what happened last night."

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