Monday, July 25, 2016

once upon a beach ~ 2

A picnic with some sand
and the greatest view ever.
The day started with snorkeling
at Blue Heron Bridge.

Lots of big waves ~ lots of froth.
So much fun to ride them in.

Harry building a fort with a moat.
Always, the big desire is to get the moat to fill with water,
which involves a whole lot of
running to the ocean,
filling buckets,
bringing the water back,
pouring it in the moat,
watching it go away immediately.
They never stop though....
always think they can get the moat to hold the water.
so much fun to watch this process.

Sunscreen application...
never fun.

This pigeon is eating my Cheez It.

We stayed in the water for a long time.
We jumped the waves and got knocked about.
The water was so clear we could
see the bottom.
I love the beach so much.
My favorite place!!!

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