Sunday, July 17, 2016


I got into a nest of old photos.
Came up with a few priceless ones.

This was our very first cruise back in the eighties.
My Mom and Dad saved up
and took all of their kids and grandchildren
on the high seas.
There were eleven of us at the time.
We sailed out of the 
Port of Miami.
We had so much fun.

Bubba and I are planning to do this for our family.
There will be twelve of us.
I am selling on Ebay to pay for the cruise.
I found out last week 
that I will need to do a lot more
selling on Ebay for this cruise to happen.
I have four more years to save!!
Was going to do it sooner,
but cruising is very expensive!

Here we are leaving the port.
We all went to the front of the ship
to watch the land slide away.
Dad took it seriously and put his life jacket on.

Here are the girls on dress up night.
Moma was seasick...
don't know where Sally was.
Lots of eighties style here....
big hair,
shoulder pads,
crazy bridesmaid dresses,
huge smiles,
except for Moma.
She wanted to be back on land.

This picture cracks me up.
I have asserted myself with some food dish.
Bubba is not happy about it,
David is not buying any of it.
Looks like some sort of vegetable dish.

I cannot wait for us all to go do this!
Now I just need to really work hard.
will you match what I make
so that we can go sooner?

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