Tuesday, June 2, 2015

a bouquet of flowers from Lucy

She brought this jasmine to me in her little hand.
A treasure from Lu....
she never comes without some little surprise.
She knows what I love.
What a gift she is to me, my only granddaughter.
On Friday we are having a 
Lucy ~ Grammy day.
Cannot wait.
I have missed her so.

Just a little while ago
 a most ferocious storm came up suddenly.
The noise I heard was hail.
The wind blew wild and crazy...
leaving debris and tree limbs
strewn every which way all over my beautiful yard.
The rain was blinding.
In ten minutes it was gone ~ blew itself somewhere else.
The storms of life come very suddenly.
The shelter is Jesus.
Nothing can touch you in Christ. 

Friends & Family....
the people in life who love you,
who stand by you in times of trouble,
who stay in contact,
who are always ready to help, 
who care when you are hurting bad,
who cheer you up ~
these are priceless gifts from God.

Our little business.
Bubba and I are working like clockwork on this.
So much excess,
a way to clean out and simplify things.
Fun and profitable!
Thank you Amanda for your time and enthusiasm
to get us going!!

They are thriving..
and the deer are staying away.

Thankful this day for God's indescribable gift of
 His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,
the One 
who holds everything together
 until He comes again
 to make everything right.

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