Saturday, June 20, 2015

she is thirty nine

If she hadn't been born into my life as my daughter,
I would have hoped to have had her as my friend.

Long legs even then,
beautiful smocked dress already a little too short,
her personality was bubbling out,
her fashion sense, 
her unbounded joy and happiness,
her sense of humor....
this picture says it all.

Happy birthday Amanda!!!
You came for a big, happy birthday party weekend
and ended up with nothing
but a sick moma unable to function.

After struggling all week with another kidney stone,
I landed in the hospital yesterday
for a completely unexpected day surgery
to get that stone out of there.
The tables were turned and you gave to me,
as you ministered by my bedside.

Your heart is filled with the Spirit of God,
and that is a mother's richest joy.
You are still that adorable little girl in the picture above,
but you are now a wife and mom
and such a blessing to your dad and me.

Love to you on this your birthday!
Have fun in Gatlinburg with Mark's family.
I love you,

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