Tuesday, June 23, 2015

medical update

Nothing worse than someone talking of their troubles,
but I feel its time for a very brief update.

Friday when the doctor removed the stone,
she left a stent in its place....
somewhere inside of me that I cannot see.
She said this to me right before I was wheeled off to surgery...
"I hate to do this to you,
many times the stent pain is worse that the stone pain."
She was right.

I can't do anything 
but stay home and recover.
Round the clock meds and all that come with those
have kept me pretty much here,
in a chair,
dreaming of better days.

So thankful for Bubba.
He has been by my side day and night
throughout this long, hard ordeal.
We had lots of plans for these first lovely weeks of summer.
So many things have been canceled
 and set aside for later.

God is sovereign over all these things.
He knows the plans He has for us,
and these days of pain and waiting have some benefit
that I cannot see right now, but He knows.
God is holding me close these days,
 as He gently and slowly works His healing on my body.

I go back on Friday to have the stent removed.
I'm hopeful!
Can't wait to feel well and strong again.

Never ever take good health for granted.
Be thankful for it every day!!!

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