Tuesday, June 30, 2015

maybe today

Last day of June!
The stone saga started on the 15th.
Half a month!

I like the picture.
 The crossed band aides are about where the pain is.
None of this has been funny,
but I like to look for humor in things.

Nothing that God sends our way is ever without purpose.
None of this has been random.
There is a reason for pain and suffering.
He has a plan....
His plan is for good and to bring glory to Himself.

today at 1:30 I covet your prayers.
the surgical procedure will allow
the stent to come out  and things will get better!

The stent is out!
I am home resting and recuperating.
The pain is much better.
A couple of more days and I should be fine!
So thankful!!!

Thanks for the prayers!

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