Friday, April 7, 2017

deer food

I don't know what comes over me.
Every year about this time,
knowing full well it is a futile cause,
I go to the nursery and buy flowers to plant in our yard. 🌻
I cornered the horticulturist and made him promise
that the deer will not eat these ones I bought.
He said,
"You are safe with all of these,
the deer despise them."
We'll see.

I have....
blue-eyed grass.

Tomorrow is a work outside day.
I need to get these planted
so that the yard will look good for Easter next week.
The weather is just perfect!

the condo was put back on the market this past week.
I went to the website to see if we had gotten any vacationers yet.
This was what I saw....

The red is all paid renters.
I was shocked and surprised.
Very thankful that so many people like our place at Tybee.
They must've been waiting "with baited breath" for it to get back on the market.

Early Saturday morning....
The deer got my flowers before I could get out to plant them this morning. 😒
I should have known.
They  didn't eat the Angelonia...
the purple ones. 😃

Spoke too soon!
The deer ate 3 of the Angelonias
and my beautiful Gerber daisies in the back yard
as well as my hydrangea.

Bad night at #6.

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