Thursday, February 11, 2016

at 68....

I'm still riding my pink bike,
I would rather be at the beach than anyplace else.
I can touch my toes without bending my knees,
I love being a grandmother,
The Bible is my favorite book...
I read it through over and over.
Lucy and I can laugh together till it hurts
at the silliest things.
I love to read "Love Stories."
My favorite TV shows are all on HGTV.
I have no idea WHO I will vote for for President.
I weigh less now than I have in thirty years.
I feel great,
I have lots of energy,
I love to decorate,
I still love to create this blog.
Photography is a passion.
and best of all....
My husband still thinks I'm beautiful!

I am blessed beyond measure.
Thank You Lord for the life you have given me.
Everything I am and have comes from you.
All of my praise and worship is to You!!

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