Sunday, February 7, 2016

disney trip

One great big happy family
enjoying pizza together at
"The Best Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza."

There is wild excitement among the cousins
when they first meet up.
Lots of laughing and catching up to do.
I kinda felt sorry for the nice couple 
sitting over there behind us.

Riding to the Magic Kingdom on the monorail.

David and Harry on the "Speedway."

Bubba and I on the "People Mover."
It was so cold!

Amanda and Mark on the "People Mover."
They bought hats at the Polynesian Resort.

After our outdoor lunch...
just playing.

Riding Dumbo with Lucy and Gus.

At the Dance Party.
We were dancing in the street.

What makes it all so wonderful?
The kids 
and their absolute joy 
at being there 
with their cousins 
and their family.
Counting God's blessings....
these grandkids
 and their moms and dads!

Loved this winter trip to Disney World.
Can't wait for the next time!!!

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