Tuesday, April 5, 2016

our yard

On these cold spring evenings,
I like to go out and work in the yard.
I am clearing "the forest" a bit...
making it look serene
rather than so wild.
This is a picture of the part that I've been working on.
I like what the sun is doing up there.

This is a section that has not been worked on yet.
Hopefully you can tell.
May not get all of this done before it gets so hot.
I really need a landscape artist
to give me a plan to follow.

This is the famous "stump."
It is being whittled away.
I want it gone,
Would love to set it on fire,
but our neighbors would croak.

These are Bubba's babies.
They are Crowns of Thorns.
They are starting to go crazy.

My geraniums are all planted.
Bubba did it.
They will be placed soon.

memo....There has been a thinning of the deer herds.
Actually there were two.
Never see any deer now.
Sad, but needed.
They were owning the place!
I just might have a good flower summer,
and some veggies too!

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