Saturday, April 30, 2016

a tour....

...of Cathy and Bubba's Spring house,
inspired by seeing on Facebook earlier
a tour of
Chip and JoAnna Gaine's house.
who star in Fixer Upper on HGTV.

The show Fixer Upper is my favorite.
They inspire me to do more.

With bunnies as the theme,
lots of birds,
my Mom and Dad's wing back chairs,
an old, antique table,
several pictures of black and white churches,
painted my all time favorite color,
Sea Salt,
this room provides a great place 
for family gatherings.

Another view of what I call the 
Living Room....
The great, big, painted bookcases balance the huge blank wall.
Atop those sit the airplane
symbolizing the place that Bubba's career
has held in our life.
(United States Air Force 42 years)
You can see the recovered wing backs,
the big old clock, under which is my grandmother's
antique radio.
Four glass french doors let the outside in
and flood the room with light.

I call this room the Beach Room.
The fireplace is the centerpiece along with the
lighted glass shelves,
holding everything I've collected from the beach,
or that reminds me of the beach.
Lots of pictures of our grand kids
playing on the beach since they were babies
adorn the space.
My big white chair and ottoman 
is where I do my reading,
The round oak table that I drug in from a garage sale
that served as our kitchen table for many years,
has now been cut down and painted white
by Bubba.
It graces the center of the room atop the
bleached jute rug.
The picture of the beach on the left wall I took myself.
The big pillow
under the picture spells
Beach House.
The large windows that surround this room
give the sense of being in the yard.

My grandmothers 's beautiful table
graces the foyer.
Lots of birds here....
there is even one perched on the mirror.

This concludes my house tour.
Hope you enjoyed it.


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