Monday, May 2, 2016

absorbing read......

Infrequently in my life
I possess a book that changes everything.
Many months ago in the midst of an ongoing trial,
someone mentioned this book to me.
It was purchased 
and so my journey began.

I am still not to the end
due to astonishment at the truth it contains.
I am re-reading page after page
then going back to underline with my trusty yellow marker
words to go back to....
to think about at a later time.
I stop to share with Bubba
paragraphs and pages
that I think he should read so that we can discuss.

Have been wanting to share this book on my blog.
It contains....
Joy for the soul,
Understanding for the mind,
Reasons for suffering,
Hope for the future,
Answers for your doubt.
You will understand the book of Job,
the character of Job,
like you never have before.

When I read the last page in a couple of days,
I will start through it again.
I want to grasp the teaching in it's pages,
and try to retain, 

Thank you someone
for mentioning this book to me
way back last summer.
It has been a great source of help and hope.

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