Thursday, May 12, 2016

johnny harris

Saying goodbye to a Savannah landmark.
On Saturday, May 28th,
this place that has been a lifelong establishment
will close its doors forever.
Filled with history,
memories of fun times with friends and family,
good food.....
it will surely be missed.

Bubba and I went for dinner last evening.
We had the fried chicken
and that wonderful house salad.
Feeling nostalgic,
we had our waitress snap this picture
of us in one of those large, paneled booths
where so many tales have been told.

One of the sons of the owner is
opening a new restaurant on Waters Ave.
It will be called "Bow Ties."
They will have the fried chicken and other favorites.
Also, some of our most liked wait people 
will be going there as well.

It won't be the same though.
There is nothing like walking into that large, round room,
being seated at one of the wrap around booths,
 looking up at the murals on the ceiling,
the twinkling stars.
It was here that my mom and dad 
used to dance the night away
when they were very young.

Thanks for the memories,
Johnny Harris.

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