Friday, May 13, 2016

new chair....

I got a new desk chair.
It is off white and very comfortable.
Got it at IKEA.
Bubba put it together with very little trouble.
This chair makes me feel important...
just a little joke.

a necessity or a nuisance?
both I guess.
Last week I had my hard drive replaced.
This week I woke up to a completely black screen.
It was two sleeps before Chris could
come check it out.
Of course,
the problem was simple
(although we could not have fixed it.)
He was in and out in ten minutes.

All that to say...
Computers are SO frustrating,
but, I missed it terribly while it was broken down.
I couldn't work on my blog, 
  write posts on facebook,
  check my favorite weather,
answer my e-mails.
download pictures.
Ebay was lost to me.

Bubba got an Apple laptop.
He has been working on learning it for a week now.
This morning he told me that he was
100% checked out on it.
We will see.

love/hate relationship.
Cathy admit it,
you cannot live without!!

Like my chair?

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