Thursday, May 5, 2016

we have.....

...a perfect spring day.

My windows are open,
cool breezes blowing in,
baby blue sky,
breathing fresh air.

Gus is riding his new bike and not getting sweaty.
Playing with some plants,
spraying for deer exodus from this yard.

The deer never chow down on Bubba's crown of thorns,
probably because of the abundance of thorns.
My firecracker plant was spared as well.

The deer didn't bother my front porch flowers.
With "Bashful Girl," a gift from my mom,
they seem to be safe.
Look at that sky!!!

My first two Gerber daiseys were a tasty morsel,
but another one is raising its lovely head.
These have all been sprayed with
deer repellent.

Beautiful, gorgeous day.
It calls you outside to play.
God is very good, all of the time.
He gives us such precious, magnificent gifts.

Do you know Him?
Most importantly,
Does He know you?

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