Monday, May 30, 2016

a week in south florida where....

 ........hibiscus plants grow into trees...
 bougainvillea spreads for miles.

Where regular green lizards 
grow to be over two feet long,
 with huge bodies,
and red blow out thingys as big as balloons.
They make your backyard their home
and act as if they own it.

Got home last evening from helping
Amanda and her family move into their new house.
I loved every minute I was there.
We were definitely on beach time,
but I never set foot on the beach....(no time to).

Up early,
quick coffee,
get to work.
Second breakfast,
bacon biscuit~extra bacon....
cut in two and shared,
three oatmeal raisin cookies.
Load ~ unload Baby Girl,
never enough shelf paper,
"Don't leave the townhouse without a load!"
Quick lunch....
Pei Wei twice.
lots of Chick-Fil-A
.A pedicure for tired feet,
a spin spin around Nordstrom Rack,
a Walmart more shopping at Target.
Pick up the boys at school.
Home for a rest time...
catch up with facebook,
maybe sleep ~ maybe not, read my book.
Back to work...
"Where shall we go for dinner?"
"Want to go to Dairy Queen?"
A little more work,
get the boys tucked in and prayed with,
fall into bed exhausted.

Millennial Falcon,
pool party,
swing at the new house,
last day of school,
Doris's bakery.
Eli gets sick 
Mark wanting to do a low country boil,
didn't get to Carmines.
Never got caught by the bridge.
Strawberries in his peanut butter smash.
 Laughing till we cried.
Packing up the kitchen on the first day.
"Do we have any mayonnaise?"
New bed for Jake.
Getting to meet Paul.
Eli going into the wrong house by mistake on move in day.
Stanley and the kitchen floor.

God is so good...
no one hurt,
lots of energy,
wonderful sleep,
waking refreshed and ready to go.

Thank You to the One who holds everything together!!!
Very, very, very thankful ~ very thankful!

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