Sunday, May 8, 2016

happy mother's day...

from one happy mother
seen here with her first born son.
so thankful for this man,
his life,
his family.
What a joy they are to me.

We had steaks here at the house...
and a great time of fellowship.
Harry is still recuperating from having his tonsils out.
He got to have ice cream.

Amanda couldn't join us,
but she called.
she will be coming here soon.
Can't wait.

I've been thinking about my mom a lot today.
We used her china at our celebration.
She made me laugh.
She made the best fudge in the world.
So glad for the memories!!

Love this picture. Lucy 
with her mom and grammy.

To be a mom is a gift from God.
He opens the womb....
gives life,
sustains us through it.
Thankful tonight 
that he brought us all together at this time
to live as a family,
to enjoy His blessings.

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