Friday, April 15, 2016

46 years later....

....due to the grace and mercy and lovingkindness of the Lord,
we are still going strong.

Our life now....
Some gray hair.
a few more aches and pains,
 more doctor visits.,
some recent health scares.
Trusting God....
realizing we are not going to live forever,
absolutely certain that this life is not the end.

Enjoying our home,
lots of wonderful grandchildren to play with,
Short trips here and there to change things up a bit.
Lots of laughter.
Running through the parking lot at Disney World
getting soaking wet in a thunderstorm...
me trying to get in another car,
Bubba thinking I had vanished into thin air....
laughing our heads off.

Learning to say no when needed....
having the courage 
to change things that have needed changing for years.
Knowing when to speak and when to be quiet,
listening ears.

A husband who taught me about being loved without conditions,
something that was foreign to me.
Getting angry, working it out, forgiving each other.
Respect for him.

Growing together in the Lord,
in His word,
in worship and in praise.
Marveling  at His creation and His plans for our future.

To our faithful God,
Who always keeps ALL of His promises,
Who provides everything for life and godliness,
Who brings the good things and the pain and sorrow,
Who will never leave us or forsake us...
to Him be all the praise and glory,
for He has done great things!!!!

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