Tuesday, December 16, 2014

of christmases long, long ago

Christmas ~ 1982

I'm thinking tonight....
our lifetime goes by really fast.
With a blink of an eye
the children are grown and have children of their own.
What a life we have had together,
Bubba and I.

We kept our grandkids today....
I found myself inside a tent that Lucy made on the front lawn.
And then,
we had a rousing game of baseball.....
acting crazy, having fun.
We had hamburgers on the grill
 because it was 77 degrees warm today,
 a pumpkin roll,
 lots of good fellowship with our after dinner coffee
because their mom and dad joined us for supper.
Sitting around the big farm table
with the children in and out.....
life doesn't get any better than that..

Life is warm and happy and fun, 
filled with the
mercy and grace of our Lord.
God's blessings are too many to count 
as we go into this next 
Christmas week.

Thank you Lord for this life,
for Your Son Jesus Christ 
who was born on this earth as a man.
Son of God ~ Son of man!
Fully human yet fully God....
able to identify with us
 in the struggles that we face every day
Able to die on the cross
to make us right with God.
Powerful enough to rise from the dead 
victorious over sin and satan and death.
We long, O Lord, for Your return
"Even so, come quickly our precious Lord."

Because of Him we say
Merry Christmas!

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