Friday, December 5, 2014

lucy turns nine

This is what nine looks like on Lucy....
long, dark hair pinned back with a bit of fluff,
a beautiful smile,
her snow bunny shirt and fuzzy vest,
tulle skirt,
 converse tennis shoes.
Her brand new Hermione wand completes the look
and casts the magic all around.
That's our Lu at nine.

What I like best about Lu is her heart.
It is filled with love and joy.
She is thankful and giving,
funny and smart.
Nothing goes unnoticed, no need is overlooked,
She is helpful and kind,
she is already looking out for her gram 
as I stumble into old age.

What a joy and a blessing this precious child is.
I would have never known this love
if Lucy
 had not come into my life.
Thank you Lord!

Happy birthday sweet Lu!!!!

This is how I know she is growing up...
she chose my special dessert
chocolate surprise
instead of a birthday cake.

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