Sunday, December 18, 2016

after two weeks...

Grace has a smile on both sides of her mouth again.
Such a milestone for this beautiful girl.

She is still in the hospital....
one step down from ICU.
She has not been out of the bed.
She is in agonizing pain as her damaged nerves reawaken.
But thank God there is hope that she will get better.
She wants more than anything to get up out of her bed and go home.
She wants to eat and drink real food.

Hopefully, very soon she will be moved to a rehab facility
so that the hard work of rehabilitating her body can begin.....
so that she can do all of the things she wants to do so badly.

I was greatly encouraged yesterday when Teri texted me and said,
"Her humor is starting to show through a little bit."
The essence of Grace is intact and that is an answer to prayer.

I can see the hand of God all over this situation.
He is taking very good care of Grace and Ivan and all of the family.
They will spend Christmas in a hospital room this year,
but I know a lot of rejoicing will be going on
because, you know,
Christmas is Emmanuel, God with us,
wherever we are.

Please continue to pray for Grace.
She needs your prayers now more than ever.
What she is going through is so difficult.
Thank you!

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