Sunday, August 7, 2016

happy birthday erika

Beautiful mommy with her four amazing children.
We celebrated her birthday last evening.

This is the card Archie made for his mom.
I love to study these to see what they see in the people they draw.
Huge smiles on both,
really long legs and short bodies,
crazy short arms with exaggerated hands,
extra large earrings which Erika never wears,
and her ever present knot of hair on the very top of her head.
Good job Arch!
I love that he spelled his name perfectly,
but backwards.

The kids worked together for two days planning a skit....
Batman and Superman Save the City.
Harry and Lucy designed the costumes and made them out of construction paper.
Gus was the villain who was captured and put into jail.
We were treated to great entertainment
and we laughed till we cried.
Gus is jumping on the day bed in the background
and putting on his own little show,

We cooked steaks and I made the
Atlantic Beach Pie,
Yummy dinner before the play.

This one is a bit fuzzy, but I love the smiles!

Some last birthday shenanigans before the party ended.

It was a wonderful evening!

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