Wednesday, January 25, 2017

at the beach yesterday....

...we found this tranquil scene,
and we also found this....

That 24 hour rain over the past weekend,
the one where I was so excited to wear my new red boots,
caused the ceiling of our newly renovated,
 almost back on the market,
 beach condo,
 to bust open,
spilling its contents on the brand new floor. 
Needless to say,
we have a major setback!
Bubba has "packed up his bats and gone home"
for the time being.
The big, industrial fans are back in place drying everything out.
Much will have to be torn out to check for black mold,
then all will have to be

Thankful that while all of that is going on,
we can still see this....

...and we can still thank God for all of our blessings.
He is in control of all things.
He is pleased when we respond with thanksgiving rather than dismay.
God is good ALL of the time.
To Him be the glory.

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