Saturday, January 28, 2017

winter roses

Monday was David's birthday.

Tuesday we found the ceiling busted out at the beach condo.

Wednesday I told Bubba that the new sofa 
delivered to the condo last week 
was not the color I bought,

Thursday night the plumbing at #6 Pinebrook started acting funny.

By Friday morning everything in the house with a drain stopped working.
Roto Rooter came,
removed one of our toilets.
searched diligently,
finally found the problem....

Three and one half years ago,
when the plumber plumbed our new house,
he failed to put a cap on the main drain.
During that 31/2 years,
 dirt has been falling into the drain slowly building a little dam.
On Thursday night the drain reached its limit....
nothing was going anywhere.

yesterday morning,
while Jerome was here, in the stinky house,
the home health care nurse came to administer my infusion.
At one point Bubba, Jerome, Sheila (the nurse), and I
were all gathered around the island 
while she was getting the infusion ready to go.

So, we just came back from the beach.
Nothing has been done with the ceiling at the condo
but it does seem dry in there.

The sofa...
They delivered the wrong one.
My sofa is still sitting at the warehouse.
We will deal with that switch
when the second round of work is complete.

The plumbing is working perfectly.
Bubba bought a new cap for the drain and installed..
The house doesn't stink anymore.
(I worked all day cleaning toilets and such.)

I got the infusion.
(Jerome never asked why the nurse was there
 or why she had all that medical equipment in my kitchen.)

All that to say...
there is never a sane moment in our life.


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