Saturday, November 29, 2014

thanksgiving day....

....was wonderful,
cold and a bit breezy,
filled with amazing smells,
and lots of love and fellowship.

Here is the table all set,
and there are the orange roses.
The orange tablecloth was just perfect.

The food was delicious...
thank you to all who prepared dishes 
and brought them.
We couldn't have done it without you!

Jake & Cam & Eli
had their own table with several spills.
Not to worry though,
Its Thanksgiving!!

The grown-ups stuffed and happy,
 lingered long at the table,
laughing and reminiscing.
Some of us had more on our plates than others....:)

There was some sleeping....

......and some game playing.

There was a baseball game in the backyard.

And lastly...
Bubba's improvised shelter
for frying the turkey out in the driveway.
He also fried up a bunch of sausage
and none of the men were hungry for the feast
because they ate some much out in the garage while 
frying the turkey.
Of course the ladies held back (or not).

I love Thanksgiving!
The pictures explain why.

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