Sunday, October 16, 2016

It came back

One day short of one week after Hurricane Matthew swept through,
 we have our "bundle" back....
TV, Cable, Land Line.
Thanks Comcast!
Better late than never I suppose.
It's just the things we get accustomed to,
when they're taken away,
some of us
some more than others,
have a tendency to grumble and complain.

I am going to devote this post to sharing some of the damage
that the hurricane did to our place at Tybee.
Two weeks ago you wouldn't have been able to see the ocean for this vantage point.
Last year the beach got renourished.
The dunes were standing high and proud.
Today, the dunes are all gone.

The bottom of the pool was covered with seven inches of beach sand.
As you can see,
 today, they were still trying to vacuum it away.
Out in the boat channel there are dredges.
The rest of the beach dunes landed out there.
The dredges are removing the sand from the channel 
so that the boats can safely maneuver up the Savannah River.

The bike racks didn't fare so well.

Fences down and guard gate arm bit the dust.

Across the street,,,tree on boat.

Ceiling fan on the deck...

The ceiling on the deck after the fan was removed.

Most all of the fence was destroyed.

Rain came into our condo under and around the front sliding door.
Most of the tile was destroyed 
as well as the sofa.
Bubba and I spent the morning there today
assessing and getting ready for the insurance adjusters to come.
We brought a lot of our things home...deck furniture etc.
There is so much work to be done,
But the main structure is in good shape and we will come back.

While we were working today
 I was enjoying this view and the sound of the waves.
We are so thankful that all of the damage is repairable.
We won't be able to rent it out until January 2017.
Looks like I will get to enjoy a redo.

God is good always, no matter what happens, He is always good.
To God be all the glory for all the great things He does!!

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