Monday, October 10, 2016

washed clean & blown away

The story of Matthew....
a big mass of swirling wind and rain,
a hurricane,
a menace,
a cause for a mixture of excitement and dread.

At the first of last week, 
my heart had been in Palm Beach Gardens,
Amanda and her family had just gotten into their new home.
It looked like it was going to be a direct hit on them.

They fled to Tampa.....
to escape the storm,
but primarily to get Eli a brace for his leg while they were there,
Thankfully, Matthew took a jog east
 and missed them completely.

Here, by the way, is a picture of Eli in his brace.

we then watched the storm come up the east coast of Florida,
through all of our favorite haunts,
and then,
 low and behold,
we got on the Weather Channel which is a very rare occurrence.
Looks like it is coming our way.
It did!!!

It started raining on Friday morning at 8:00.
It never stopped until Saturday around noon.
The wind didn't start until bedtime on Friday night.
Never heard wind like that before.
"It breathed out loud gusts and never took a breath."
(this is a quote from my husband)
It howled all night and into Saturday morning.
and then...
It was gone, 
just like that.
The rest of the day I walked around the house,
looking out the windows
at the damage.
For us it was minor,
For Savannah and the islands it was much worse.

All that to say...
How good God is.
We were spared once again.
He revealed His glory in the power of the storm,
but not one life was lost in our city.

In the days before the storm,
the skies had been dark and gloomy,
unable to shake the bands of the powerful hurricane.

Saturday night,
just before dark,
I was still looking out of the windows.
Across the street just the tops of the trees were lit up,
shining bright.
God blessed us by returning the sun
and lighting up the sky with His brilliance.

And then, as if all that wasn't enough,
We got Fall!
Sunday was the first day since April that was not hot and humid.

Thank you God for all of these blessings and so many more!!!

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