Thursday, October 20, 2016

trying to find normal

My sweet daughter came in with these flowers and our grandsons last night.
Always good times when they come.
So thankful for them.

Bubba is working feverishly trying to get the condo right again.
Our insurance adjuster for the contents of our unit
comes on Saturday morning to add up our personal damage.
This is what I have chosen for the new flooring.
Very driftwoody.
I love it!

All of the water that ruined everything 
came in the window and door that is pictured below.
The were both closed tight and locked.
That was some powerful wind to drive it inside like that.

The front room is empty except for the sofa
which is going soon.
It got wet and will need to go,
It is almost brand new.
After the floor and other repairs are done,
we will paint and it will be like a new unit.

The repair of the common structures is up over two million.
The oceanfront units were damaged the most extensively.
Our condo fee pays for this insurance.
Matthew turned out to be quite the destroyer down on Tybee.

I have never seen so many tress down in Savannah in my lifetime.
All of the streets are lined with cut up trees.
There is some really good firewood for the taking.

These boys....I love them.
It is so good to have them here.
Thankful...for all of God's good, good gifts to me.

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