Saturday, September 17, 2016

an afternoon at the beach

Hunting for treasures...
I wanted to bring this beautiful piece of driftwood home,
but it wouldn't fit in the car.
It was bleached gray.
I know I could have found a spot for it.
If Erika had been with me,
we would have found a way.

I promised Harry that we would go hunting for
shark teeth today.
We didn't find any of those,
but he did come home with 3 little hermit crabs
in a Chick-Fil- A cup
filled with sand and salt water.

Harry found so many oyster shells that he
named it Oyster Beach.

Love these last few days of summer.
I am always so sad to see them go.
Thankful tonight 
that we live by the ocean.
Thankful for the children too.
Seeing it through their eyes makes it magic!

Here comes a big ship rounding the corner.
making its way into the
Savannah River.
Our condo has the best view on Tybee.

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