Friday, September 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Harry Potter....

oops, I mean Harry Cleland.
You are
September 15, 2016,
we celebrated Harry's life with
and fun!

I love this dreamy-eyed little boy!
He is in Third grade.
He is almost finished with the first Harry Potter book,
He is a sweet, all boy, charmer.

He requested broccoli cheese casserole with
granddaddy's famous rice.
For dessert....
Grammy's chocolate surprise.
He got a big piece.

I managed to find a Harry Potter scene to go on top....
huge hit!!!!
The white candle was on his first birthday cake.

Each child got a Harry Potter wand....
they had to keep the white balloons in the air.
Once it touched the ground....
Your'e out!

The other game....
place the glasses on Harry Potter.

The results....
Lucy won.
she won the balloon in the air game as well.
but, because it was Harry's Birthday,
all got the same amount of prize money.

Harry had a lot of gifts to open.
New clothes, shoes, Legos, books,
a Harry Potter costume and HP glasses.
It was an amazing birthday.

Always...the big blow.
Nine requires a lot of forced air.
He managed well.

You are a gift from God, Harry
We Love you!!

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