Monday, September 12, 2016

for the love of reading....

I can always tell when the kids have been around.
I find books,
usually stacks of them,
in the bathrooms.

It's funny....
this one was left in position
to be picked back up on the next trip.

Reading is one of my favorite things.
I am so glad my grandchildren
cherish books as well.

Especially proud of Harry.
He is almost done with
Book # 1 of Harry Potter.
It has taken him a while,
but he knows all of the details.

When I finish a book,
if it is a good one,
I anticipate sadness as the end approaches.
All of the characters become very important to me
and I want the story to go on and on.
It takes me a few days
to let them go.

I love to read books.
I read when I'm....
going to sleep,
on a road trip,
at the beach reclining in the sun,
during commercials while watching HGTV.
I read to the kids,
Gus still loves it!

Pretty much sums it up!

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