Monday, September 26, 2016


We left last Monday....
headed down south to spend some time with Mickey
and then on to see our grandboys.
Got home yesterday afternoon,
tired but very happy to have spent time with our family.

Jake is learning to play the trombone,
Eli chimed in on his recorder.
I love how eager they are to show off their new skills.

Amanda and I
 spent all day on Thursday
 shopping at the Good Will stores around town
searching for things for her to sell on E-Bay.
She is a master at knowing what people will buy.
I take lessons from her.

We also spent time decorating the new house for Fall.
Not much work this time,
mainly we played.

We ate at Outback one night....
got the "steak tower."
It was delicious!
That cute boy with Amanda is Eli.

Amanda stuck a pose,
I am sitting on the ledge,
and Eli is running in front of the camera.
Funny picture.

So thankful for these boys.
they are growing so fast.
I want to hold every moment dearly
as life passes so quickly.

Especially thankful for Amanda.
We have such fun-filled times together....
So much laughter.
Our first time at the Good Will Bins is indelibly sketched in my memory.
It is another blog for another time....

Quote to remember...
"Its not hard to make Grammy laugh."
we laugh till our tummys hurt, and then we laugh some more.
Laughter IS the best medicine.

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