Tuesday, September 6, 2016

labor day weekend

Yes.....It started with a bang early Friday morning
with the arrival of Hurricane Hermine,
a hurricane party,
(see my last blog),
and Lucy spending the night.
It ended last evening when I fell into bed before eight o'clock
exhausted by it all.

By Saturday,
the storm was gone and an absolutely beautiful day emerged.
Lu and I spent three hours at the pool
swimming and playing and soaking up some sun.

Sunday was church and a little rest.

Monday was one of our much loved day trips to 
Jacksonville, Florida.
We (all eight of us) piled into our van,
hopped on I 95,
and made a bee line south for PF Changs.
We all ate like we were starving!!!
(We were)

Crab wontons,
street dumplings,
egg rolls,
Kung Pao Chicken 
Lo Mein,
and Garlic noodles
with all of their luscious sauces
made for quite the celebration of labor.

{I've never really understood Labor Day
but I accept it as a holiday and enjoy.}

After some shopping for the kids
and a stop at Trader Joe's
(which always is very exciting for me),
We headed north and came back home.
Which is when I fell into bed
and went to sleep before the sun went down.

Thankful for holidays,
beautiful days,
my family,
getting better each day!!!

God is so good ALL the time!!

Kids posing by the horse
outside the PF Changs,
Town Center,
Jacksonville, FL

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