Saturday, September 3, 2016

hurricane party

Yesterday we had a hurricane pass by.
What do you do when that happens?
Why, throw a party of course.

Granddaddy cooked some pork loins and veggies.
I made my famous chocolate surprise,
put a pot of coffee on to perc,
and had a fabulous & fun time.


The grand~kiddos played while the adults
drank coffee and discussed some future plans.

The game for the kids was,
"Put the Magnet on the Eye of the Hurricane."
There were cash prizes.

Archie got very close to the
center of circulation.

Granddaddy is in the background doing the dishes.
He had spotted for the cash prizes.

Some reading went on while it stormed outside.

A lot of reptiles sought refuge on our porch
to escape the deluge.
Harry found every one of them
and put them in jars to take home.
He caught a baby lizard that was no bigger than an inch and 1/2.
I was glad that got taken away from here.
Believe it or not, I was able to look at it.

All of the above to say this....
You have to know that the "hurricane"
was not very bad 
if the whole Cleland family
 came all the way out here for a party.

We had fun!
Until the next named storm.....

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