Sunday, November 13, 2016

a nap and some corn bread

I must have needed the nap.
After church and a quick lunch
I grabbed my soft and warm "heide han," 
(What David called his blanket)
snuggled up with my book,
 and was out for over two hours. 
It was cold and cloudy and it just felt right.
It was one of those naps that is very hard to wake up from.
I only have those deep sleeps on Sunday afternoon very occasionally.
There was a dream.
Mark was with us....not Amanda or the boys.
He was helping Bubba with some restoration projects,
but not anywhere that I was familiar with.
I was puzzled because my beautiful curtains had snaps on them.
Crazy dream....but it went on and on.
When I finally got up
I looked at Facebook and found the most amazing cornbread recipe.
I had to have it right away so...
I made it!
It was so delicious!!
Corn bread and Chili...
the perfect ending to a great weekend.

*We are involved in a complete gut job at our condo on Tybee Island.
That's probably where the dream instigated.
Seeing the cornbread just made my mouth water and I had to have some.

*What about that moon tomorrow night?
I think we'll go get some Wileys BBQ and then on down to the beach to see it rise. 
A once in a lifetime vista.
I love God's creation.
He hung that moon you know!

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