Saturday, November 19, 2016

his new van

....and yes,
it looks like every other van we have ever owned.
The man is so thankful to put this particular piece of the last few months in order.
If you didn't know,
He was rear-ended on the Tybee road while stopped for construction work.
They were repairing the part of the causeway that had eroded away
during Hurricane Matthew.
just so you know,
the insurance company 
gives no special treatment 
to people who are hit from behind
through no fault of their own.

We are still working on the beach condo.
Very slow progress,
but it will be stunning when done.
I am always up for a redo.

So thankful for my husband today.
Even though we just had a little tiff over where to place a recliner,
I know how blessed I am.

Getting ready for the big week!
Lots to clean,
do,think about,cook.
So many little details to cover.
Was just out on the patio cleaning the last oven grate.
Most important item for next week is a clean, functioning oven.
I feel like I'm getting ready for one of those big house parties 
that the rich English people have. 

One more thing...
it is going to be cold tonight.
but it looks like 74 for Thanksgiving Day/

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